Siesta (a Spanish word) is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries.

Ceista translates a short nap of 30-15 minutes. Siesta is a necessity and the reason is that around 2 pm, the heat temperature reaches its peak and it is simply too hot to be outside. Hence people take a Siesta and wait in the comfort of their own homes for the heat to subside.
That's why we've chosen the name CEISTA because it illustrates the process of rebuilding and developing companies' strategies . that's exactly what we offer to our clients, starting from the increase of the work pressure and emergence of problems in the departments of Management and Marketing. And this phase represents the phrase (when the heat temperature reaches its peak).
After that we interfere in the process of restructuring the company and give its workers a Ceista in order to be able to solve the problems and put an appropriate strategy for them, and then they can get back to work after spending the period of Ceista with our new strategies to be followed.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create new concepts of modern marketing approaches, offer new interactive solutions and special learning Techniques in the field of marketing and advertising to both Arab and World markets. we’re working to be globally recognized as one of the greatest premier marketing solutions agencies.


Our Mission

Our mission depends on teaching the client new concepts to allow him choose and organize his priorities through changing his viewpoint about the form of the old market and getting him to interact with modern tools. Ceista seeks to become a marketing partner with its clients . Ceista desires to measure success for its clients through awareness ,increased sales or other criteria mutually agreed upon between the agency and the clients . We are committed to maintain a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission . Ceista desires to update the concept of the market and attract clients through new marketing ideas using its unique interactive marketing tools.